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What can WorkForge do for you?

Knowledge Center

A resource center full of articles, guides, and videos on several industry topics. You can download, edit, and print any of the information or forms for you and your staff. The topics include health insurance reform, termination and hiring, and the newest federal policies.

Human Resource Solutions

Several tools to help streamline your HR tasks, including retaining and attracting new talent. Also includes an HR Hotline, connecting you 24/7 with an experienced HR specialist by phone or chat.

Compliance and Notices

A way for you to keep track of all the federal and state regulations to keep your company compliant, including ACA workbooks, federal posters, and a calendar for important deadlines.

Employee Training Center

A learning management system for your company to assign courses, set deadlines, and track essential employee training. WorkForge has a full library of courses to help your employees continue to grow, including mandatory courses for employees living in states like Washington and California. 

There are two tiers of WorkForge:

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