Individual Coverage

Individual Coverage

get-benefits can help you find and enroll in individual coverage for medical, short-term medical, dental, vision, and travel insurance. Our knowledgeable team can help you find what coverage fits your life and will be with your every step of the way implementing your new insurance.

Choosing to work with us will allow you to quickly determine the cost of insurance as well as your projected subsidies/tax credits.

Two Options for your Dental Insurance

1. Looking to purchase  Medical and Dental insurance together than your best choice is to first pick  the insurance company that you want to have your medical insurance with. Many of the medical insurance companies will offer you dental coverage at a better price and benefits if you are also covered by their medical plan.
2. If you are looking for Dental options that are separate from your medical insurance plan then reach out to us and we can send you information on the plans and pricing.

Why Work with an Insurance Agent?

No Change In Price

Insurance rates are filed with the State of Oregon; there is no changing these. Agent commissions are also pre-built into that rate, so there is no additional cost to you to go through an agency or to go it alone.

Licensed Agents Trained to Help You

As licensed agents, we are required by State and Federal Law to go through training each year, and many agents will also attend each of the insurance carrier. Having that knowledge is great for assisting you to find the plan that will truly meet your needs and help you to get the most from your coverage. We will find plans that will keep your doctors in network and finding cost-effective plans for your prescription needs.

Help throughout the year

We don’t disappear once you’ve been enrolled. We help you by servicing your account throughout the year including resolving any billing, eligibility, and claims issues. We can also make recommendations that will help you at the next renewal period to find the right plans for you as your needs change.

Assistance with tax credits

Many people will want to know if they qualify for tax credits to help pay for their insurance premiums through We can help determine if you are eligible for financial assistance and/or cost share reductions in helping to lower the cost of your insurance premiums.

Our Customers Love Us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read It From Them

“Working with get-benefits made finding affordable health insurance easier than I ever thought possible”
Robert A.

Robert A.

Portland, Oregon

I have been self-employed for years,  and never had what I thought were good options for Healthcare, until get-benefits stepped in to not only help me find a great plan, but I learned that the federal government was going to subsidize nearly half the cost of the plan I choose.
Jennifer G.

Jennifer G.

Salem, Oregon

"As a person who uses the Internet for most of my purchases I found the website for get-benefits gave me the control I was looking for to shop, price and compare my health insurance options and was easily able to  enroll in a plan within 5 to 10 minutes.   A bonus is to know that they are also only a phone call away if I should need something more.  THANK YOU!"
Kevin J.

Kevin J.

Bend, Oregon

“The last broker I worked with only had options for me to buy medical insurance. Now with a few clicks I was able to enroll in both dental and vision insurance it couldn’t be easier.”
Amanda S.

Amanda S.

Beaverton, Oregon

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