4 Ways Obamacare Might Change Now

February 8, 2017

The recent Presidential election has many Americans - and Oregonians - questioning what the next steps are for Obamacare. With Trump and the rest of the new administration sitting in the office, speculation about Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is increasing.

There are, however, a number of assumptions we can make at this point, including ways Obamacare could change. Here are 4 ways Obamacare might change now.

1) There could be a push toward more transparency.

Trump has long since talked about requiring more transparency in healthcare pricing. This, of course, would help healthcare subscribers shop around and make a decision based on price.

However, this plan could see major push-back from both the hospital and pharmaceutical arenas, in addition to healthcare companies.

2) The individual mandate could be repealed.

Under Obamacare, the requirement is that all US citizens to acquire healthcare. Initially, this mandate was meant to keep health insurance premiums affordable by requiring those of good health to sign up.

After the individual mandate received much scrutiny, Trump says he’s considering getting rid of this particular mandate. The concern, of course, is acquiring the right variety of subscribers in order to continue making insurance coverage affordable for everyone.

Interested in planning for your healthcare coverage in the future?

3) Some healthcare subsidies could be dropped.

Similarly, Trump has mentioned the possibility of dropping the healthcare subsidies that are meant to help persuade healthy subscribers.

In an effort to save by dropping investments currently going toward the ACA, there has been talk, instead, about creating high-risk programs available for those with pre-existing conditions. This plan would be expected to cover an estimated 52 million Americans who were deemed “uninsurable”  in the past.

4) The ACA could be repealed.

We’ve talked about some minor changes throughout this post, but one of the biggest could end up being a complete overhaul to the Affordable Care Act.

Though unlikely, a complete repeal would mean much of the system - as we know it - would crumble. After all, there are a number of areas within the statute that are interconnected to the point that any change - even a minor one - would cause major instability for Obamacare overall.

For now, things will remain just as they are. Open enrollment has ended, however, you can find out if you can still get coverage.

Again, only time will tell exactly what changes the new administration will create and what changes will happen. As always, we at get-benefits will continue to be here to support you and any questions you have. Contact us today with any of your healthcare needs or questions!


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4 Ways Obamacare Might Change Now

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