Benefits of Digital Onboarding

March 15, 2018

There are many different human resource information systems (HRIS) available. To find the one that fits your needs first start by identifying what your company’s top priorities and goals are.

Here are three ways that we see digital onboarding working for your small business;

1. – digital onboarding helps your new hires to get enrolled quickly and efficiently. You will no longer have to deal with piles of paperwork and can easily see if your employees have completed their enrollment elections by simply logging in.

2. Can be a good training tool & is more engaging. During the enrollment process, there are often many benefits from which to choose. Having an online system allows employees the opportunity to view all plan options both at work and at home, which can be helpful in making final selections for the plan year. This is also a great way to allow employees to see what the cost of their benefits options will be and to plan accordingly. Employers can choose to add additional educational tools about their company’s benefits package as well which make the overall process more engaging for the employee.

3. Creates a digital paper trail. This is a great place to warehouse all-important plan documents anytime you have a new hire and it also a great way to make sure all compliance related materials are acknowledged by your employees. This is also a very safe and secure method to house employee information.

At get-benefits we use Employee Navigator and many of our clients find that it provides the functionality they are looking for as it relates to managing the employee onboarding, enrollments, and compliance education.  If you are interested in learning more about how digital onboarding may help your business please give us a call.


Interested in getting started with Digital onboarding? Contact us for more information!

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Benefits of Digital Onboarding

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