Do You Really Need Life Insurance Before You’re 30?

February 6, 2018

Along with getting a job right out of college, getting benefits set up, finding a place to live, paying your bills, and so on, you may be thinking to yourself: when is the right time to get life insurance?

You likely already understand the importance of building up your savings account and getting great benefits at work, but what about life insurance? Is it best to wait until you have a home and a family? Or should you invest in it now?

The short answer? Invest now.

Why should you get life insurance now?

While you may not have invested in a home or have a spouse or family just yet, don’t forget that leaving your family with debt (such as your student loans) is a great reason to invest in life insurance.

Plus, getting insured younger (and at your healthiest) means you’ll likely get the best premium rates possible. You can always buy more coverage later, but it’s best to lock in at the best rate possible now. Unfortunately in the case of life insurance, if you don’t lock in your rate now, you’ll lose the opportunity later.

If you have already invested in a home and/or started your family, then it’s certainly time to look into life insurance to ensure your family is protected should you unexpectedly pass away.

What should you talk to your employer about?

With multiple life insurance options, choosing the right one can be daunting.

Spend the time educating yourself. Start by speaking with your employer, HR personnel, or benefits representative, as they will likely be able to explain your options in a way that makes sense for you, specifically.

For example, a whole life policy may give you the cash value you seek later on in life. Again, starting younger will mean you can cash in on your investment later.


Preparation and a small monthly investment now will make all the difference later in life. Speak to your benefits representative today and see if life insurance makes good sense for you!

Ready to learn about purchasing life insurance? Contact us at get-benefits today to learn more.  

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Do You Really Need Life Insurance Before You’re 30?

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