Ultimate Health

Your key employees need a certain level of coverage and care. Our Ultimate Health Coverage will keep them healthy and happy with greater reimbursement offerings, executive physicals, emergency travel coverage, and convenient and reliable care and service that they need in their busy lives. Your top talent can be at a greater risk for health issues, this plan helps keep them happy, healthy, and productive.


Stand out from your competition with a strong healthcare plan for your key employees. Offer reimbursement for prescription sunglasses, LASIK, massage therapy, chiropractic care and more. Our Key Employee Coverage has extra protection for the routine, special needs, and unexpected occurrences. For a reasonable rate for your business, you can save your top employees money with out-of-pocket expenses and add an extra $100K to their coverage.


Coverage toward and coordination of executive physicals enable your top talent to catch health issues before they become larger problems. If they need specialized care, TopDoc Connect will provide them with the best-reviewed doctors and specialists for their needs.


Make sure your employees are fully covered when they travel for work or for play. Our emergency travel program will cover your employees when they are hospitalized more than 100 miles away from home. It can assist in emergency evacuation, in replacement of lost or stolen passports, prescriptions and more. It also can provide the best care near them when they are abroad.


You need your top performers to not be distracted by their healthcare. Our Key Employee offering gives them a Rx card that virtually eliminates the need to file medications claims. Employees can file claims online or through the mobile app whenever and wherever they need. Claims are turned around quickly with an average 3-day turnaround.


Consolidated Billing

Consolidated Billing

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COBRA Administration

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Tax Advantage Plans

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