Should I get travel insurance?

On your to-do list before you depart on your adventure, ‘get travel insurance’ is probably low or not on the list at all. Unfortunately, travel insurance is usually something most of us don’t think [...]

The Pitfalls of COBRA and State Continuation

If you are a small employer with 19 or less employees, your group qualifies for “State Continuation” when an employee leaves the organization. Under State Continuation a soon to be ex-employee would then qualify [...]

Benefits of Digital Onboarding

There are many different human resource information systems (HRIS) available. To find the one that fits your needs first start by identifying what your company’s top priorities and goals are. Here are three ways [...]

Drug Transparency in Oregon?

Recently we have seen several articles with the Drug Price Transparency Bill (OR House Bill 4005) that passed the Oregon Senate and is now headed to the Governor. The bill requires drug manufacturers to [...]

What Small Businesses Should Know About Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

Beginning at the start of 2017, small businesses can again offer stand-alone HRAs (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) to their employees, thanks to the Small Business Healthcare Relief Act (SBHRA). These plans were available in the [...]

What You Need to Know About Purchasing Health Insurance in the Marketplace: 4 Steps for Success

If your employer doesn’t offer healthcare plans, or you aren’t eligible for one, the Healthcare Marketplace is your next step. When faced with choosing the right plan, the choices may seem overwhelming. Here are [...]

3 Ways to Document 1099 Freelance Employees

Freelance employees offer your company a number of unique benefits, including the ability to complete small, specific projects with more agility than your full-time employees, without needing to pay for full-time employee benefits. If [...]

How to Better Manage & Streamline Your Company’s Payroll & Human Resources Tasks

No matter the size of your company, payroll processing, and other HR (Human Resources) tasks can impede your employees’ workloads. Simplifying these responsibilities allows for your employees to have more time to focus on [...]

How Small Businesses Can Attract Ideal Employees with Group Benefits

The challenges small business - and their owners - face are vast. Managing employees, keeping and acquiring new clients,  or simply paying the bills to keep the lights on can be overwhelming for many [...]

Health Savings Accounts (Part II): What Are the Benefits and Downsides of HSA?

Last time, we reviewed what a Health Savings Account is and how it has changed with the new Health Care Act. Now we’ll move on to whether an HSA makes sense for you and your [...]