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How to help your employees get the most of their mental health benefits

 The world is becoming more aware of the importance and prevalence of issues with mental health, but that alone does not mean mental health struggles have decreased. The rates of suicide and the cost of anxiety and depression within the health care system have increased throughout the decade. Over 200 million workdays are lost due to mental health conditions each year. That's $16.8 billion in employee productivity. Chipotle Mexican Grill [...]

The Job Benefit The Newly Graduated Really Want: Employer Participation in Repayment Act

Many recent college graduates aren’t able to start saving for their futures, like retirement or buying a home, because they are still stuck in the past: paying off their student loans. As unemployment sits low at 4% and baby boomers move into retirement age, the competition for young talent grows. At the same time, the debt from student loans grows every year, now resting at a mere $1.56 trillion.   Seven [...]

Should I get travel insurance?

On your to-do list before you depart on your adventure, ‘get travel insurance’ is probably low or not on the list at all. Unfortunately, travel insurance is usually something most of us don’t think of until it’s too late. What is travel insurance? It is coverage while you’re away from home that will protect you in the event of an illness or injury. Travel insurance can cover emergencies, cancellation coverage [...]

Non-discrimination test for Medical FSA: What Happens If I Don’t Pass?

The non-discrimination test, also called a compliance test, is required for all Medical FSA, Dependent Care Accounts, and Pre-tax of Premiums under section 125 of the IRS code.  You can read part one of the article on non-discrimination testing here. A non-discrimination test has three parts: Eligibility test: There must be at least as many non-highly compensated workers participating as HCEs. Benefits test: The same type of benefits (i.e., medical expenses) provided [...]

Non-Discrimination Testing: The Basics

What is Non-Discrimination Testing? It is a test to show there is no discrimination between the benefits given to highly compensated employees (HCEs)/key employees and other employees at the company. No discrimination means that there is fairness between all employees in terms of eligibility, contributions, or benefits of the plans. What is a HCE? There are two tests for determining if an employee is an HCE – an ownership test [...]

Oregon’s New Law on Balance Billing

When you receive a medical bill for a balance - even though you’ve already paid your deductible, coinsurance, or copayment- you might be wondering where the charges are coming from. Then you'll wonder why you, not your insurance, are responsible for paying it. Even in an in-network facility or hospital you can be responsible for those charges. For example, if you see radiologist who doesn’t have a contract with your [...]