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How to Better Manage & Streamline Your Company’s Payroll & Human Resources Tasks

No matter the size of your company, payroll processing, and other HR (Human Resources) tasks can impede your employees’ workloads. Simplifying these responsibilities allows for your employees to have more time to focus on other important areas for the company. Here’s how to both better manage and streamline your company’s payroll and human resources tasks. Manage Your Payroll Effectively with Heartland Depending on the size of your company and the [...]

How Small Businesses Can Attract Ideal Employees with Group Benefits

The challenges small business - and their owners - face are vast. Managing employees, keeping and acquiring new clients,  or simply paying the bills to keep the lights on can be overwhelming for many entrepreneurs. Amongst these issues is the question of how employee benefits are handled. Why are group benefits important for small businesses? It’s important to most small business owners to be able to offer employees group benefits, [...]

Willamette Dental Group Myths vs. Reality

It’s common with any type of insurance to hear “myths” that simply aren’t the reality. With our recent partnership with Willamette Dental Group fresh in our minds, we want to share two such myths and the realities of dental insurance. Myth #1:  X-rays done on a set schedule are the best plan for your oral health. Reality #1: False. As you may know, at Willamette Dental Group, we don't just [...]

get-benefits Partners with Willamette Dental

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Willamette Dental Group beginning August 1st, 2017 to support our efforts at providing quality & innovative benefit offerings at an affordable price. Willamette Dental has been one of the Northwest’s proactive dental leaders for over 45 years with a strong focus on “proactive” dental care. Their focus is that healthy teeth should last a lifetime and that proper care does not [...]

6 Questions to Ask to Get the Best Quote for Your Employee Benefit Package

When it comes to creating an employee benefits package for your business, there some key items to take into consideration. For instance, did you know more than 50% of job candidates say that company benefits are among their top considerations before taking a new position? So, with that in mind let’s think about the following questions. 1. Are there certain insurance providers you want to see options for (or not, [...]

A Peek at the 2018 Oregon Insurance Rates: Changes for Individuals & Group Insurance

Recently the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services announced the final rate decisions for both individual and small business health insurance for plan year 2018. What has changed for individuals? In the Individual market, the average change is from a 1.6% decrease to a 14.8% increase across the state of Oregon (these numbers are an average across the state). This may lead several people that are currently on an [...]